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Prepare the most delicious dishes, using the Pokhytailo™ products after these recipes!




Specialty minced chops, stewed with mushrooms

To save time, try to do two businesses simultaneously. So, in one frying pan fry chops, and in the other fry cut fresh mushrooms with onions and tomato-puree. Place the fried chops into a stew-pan, and on top make a layer of the mushrooms, onions and tomato-puree. Cover everything with hot water and stew until ready. The dish may be garnished with stewed potato.

Special beef chops, baked under a sauce

Boil some rice. In order to achieve refined taste and color, add to it in the process of cooking a little tomato-puree. The cooked rice must be crumbly. Place the rice into a deep pan and cover it with the fried chops. Cover everything with a sour cream sauce, sprinkle with shaved cheese and bake.

Fish cutlets with the sour cream sauce

Frying cutlets is a quiet enough process that does not require continuous attention. Therefore, while frying, we can focus on preparation of the sauce. So, let’s start. First, toast in butter some wheat flour until it acquires goldish color. Then dilute the toasted flour with sour cream. Slowly mixing up ingredients, add salt and pepper to your taste, and also a pinch of spices for fish dishes. Then boil the mixture for 3-5 minutes, filter it and, finally, boil it up again. The sauce can be served separately or you can sauce the dish. Besides, you can place the cutlets into a small pan or a stew-pan, sauce them over, then cover with foil and bake for a few minutes in an oven.

Home-made cutlets under the tomato sauce

The recipe is simple and extraordinarily easy to cook. Begin the limbering-up of culinary muscles with frying the cutlets, placing the ready meat balls into a pan. The fat that remained after frying is used for stewing onions. Then add some tomato sauce, a little mayonnaise and mustard. Count to ten and take off the frying pan from the fire. Serve the «Home-made» cutlets with a tomato sauce and garnish them with boiled potatoes.

Fried eggs with the Home-made sausage

Having warmed up some lard in a frying pan, add the «Home-made sausage» in slices of medium thickness and fry it to a rosy color. Simultaneously, whisk the eggs, adding some salt. A pinch of black ground pepper and a little mustard will not do any harm. Then cover the fried slices of sausage with the mixture. The fried eggs taste especially delicious with sliced tomatoes seasoned with mayonnaise and cut garlic.

Cabbage baked with Home-made sausage

Clean some white cabbage, wash it, shred by a straw and stew until ready. To give the dish  «some fire», add to it while stewing some tomato sauce, spicy catch-up and a pinch of pepper mixture. Fat a sheet and lay out the cabbage on it. Cover it with slices of the «Home-made» sausage. Then again put a layer of the cabbage and again the sausage over it. Bake the dish in an oven, until a rosy crust forms on the pieces of sausage.

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